Retrieve Webhook Resource Data

Use this API to retrieve Webhook Resource Data

Use this webhook to retrieve user information after they have submitted their documents or completed the verification using our Web SDK.



Make sure you have your webhook URL ready before starting.
Go to our Webhook Guide for more information on webhooks.

Use the JWT access_token obtained during authorization.


The response contains nested verification "steps".

Steps TypeDescription
livenessContains the proof of life response, making sure your user is a real person (and not a printed paper)
ip-validationInformation about user's location and validation if proxy is used

Document Checks

The response contains nested document verification, including validation checks for country-specific documents.

Document VerificationDescription
document-readingWill return fields read from the document: full name, date of birth, document number, etc...
facematchFace match performed between document face & user's face
watchlistsChecks if there is any match found between the name extracted from the document and international watch-lists
alteration-detectionChecks that the document was not altered
template-matchingChecks that the presented document revision is valid
mexican-curp-validationFor certain countries only (only Mexico supported for now)
mexican-ine-validationFor certain countries only (only Mexico supported for now)
mexican-rfc-validationFor certain countries only (only Mexico supported for now)
argentinian-renaper-validationFor certain countries only (only Argentina supported for now)


Computed section provides additional verification data based on received data

ageInformation about user's age. It based on the first document with date of birth fieldNumber
isDocumentExpiredUser's documents expiration information. Documents marked true are expired. If there is no expiration date found in document null will be set up insteadBoolean | null

Bank Account Data

This API can retrieve a user's bank account nested data

Bank Account DataDescription
accountsInstitution name, type, number, currency
transactionsdate, amount, description (such as deposit, withdrawal, or purchase)
current_balance, available_balanceCurrent or available account balance (depending on the account type)
identityName, email, phone number, or other personal data associated with the account.

Downloading Verification Media

To download the verification media, you need to send a GET request to any of the media server links provided in the API response. This request should use the same authentication as previously described.


Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>

For a list of supported institutions, go here


Fields that are not present in this sample response are likely deprecated. Do not use them to verify users.

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