Watchlist Check FAQ

Does MetaMap have an integrated watchlist monitoring tool?

Yes, watchlist monitoring is part of our premium services. We can create watchlist-based security alerts.

Can MetaMap do ongoing monitoring through the API?

Yes, through one of two ways:

  • If an individual is validated from start to finish using our API process, the referenced workflow should have Watchlist Monitoring enabled inside the Watchlist Check tool.
  • You can also make queries using our standalone Comply Advantage service; this can be executed within a specified interval of time.

You can buy search-only or search and monitoring. Search requires one API call per individual, whereas search and monitoring requires regular API calls to monitor a specific individual.

Can the watchlist check be used through the API?

Yes, it works as a separate endpoint, Comply Advantage.

Can MetaMap run watchlist and AML validation without an ID?

Yes, you can search for an individual through our Standalone Comply Advantage service. You will need to enter the individual’s full name and birth year.