Anti-Money Laudering FAQ

Does MetaMap have an integrated watchlist monitoring tool?

Yes, watchlist monitoring is part of our premium services. We can create watchlist-based security alerts.

Can MetaMap do ongoing monitoring through the API?

Yes, through one of two ways:

  • If a user is validated from start to finish using our API process, the referenced Experience flow should have Watchlist Monitoring enabled inside the Anti-Money Laundering merit.
  • You can also make queries using our standalone Comply Advantage service; this can be executed within a specified interval of time.

You can buy search-only or search and monitoring. Search requires one API call per user, whereas search and monitoring requires regular API calls to monitor a specific user.

Can the watchlist and AML be used through the API?

Yes, it works as a separate endpoint, Comply Advantage.

Can MetaMap run watchlist and AML validation without an ID?

Yes, you can search for a user through our Standalone Comply Advantage service. You will need to enter the user’s full name and birth year.