Getting JWT malformed error when I attempt to start verification process

This can happen if client and/or workflow ids are missing/malformed or your account is blocked. Make sure you put in correct client and flow ids into Metamap button or your direct link. Learn how to obtain client and flow ids here.

Changes applied to the workflow are not reflected in verification process

This can be caused by several things.

Verification reload persistence

Make sure that you are starting verification in a new tab after you applied changes to your metamap or disable verification reload persistence.

Missing workflow id

Make sure that workflow id is present in Metamap button attributes/configuration/direct link query parameters. If workflow id is missing default workflow will be selected for verification process.

Metadata is missing in verifications

Make sure that metadata JSON object is formatted and escaped properly

Example of bad formatting

<metamap-button metadata="{key: 'value'}"></metamap-button>

Example of proper formatting

<metamap-button metadata='{"key": "value"}'></metamap-button>

Metamap asks for permissions even after they were granted

If you are using Permission policy headers make sure that required permissions are enabled for Metamap's domains.

If you are running your webpage in an iframe make sure you granted permissions to that iframe.

if you are opening your webpage in webview of native application make sure that application allows access to camera/microphone/geolocation etc.