Credit Check Data

Verify a credit applicant’s intent and ability to pay


Credit Check is a merit that allows you to collate information related to the credit and financial behavior of the final users, identifying their credit score, as well as information related to loans and credit cards. In addition, the collected information can be used to validate user data as part of other merits.


Credit Check Data is currently available in:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia


The following is a list of information available from each supported country:

  • Argentina
    • Personal Information
      • Full name
      • Tax Payer ID Number
      • Document Number
      • Credit Score
      • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
      • Age
      • Gender
    • Credit Information
      • Lender Code
      • Lender Name
      • Period
      • Status
      • Amount
      • Days Overdue
  • Brazil
    • Full Name
    • Tax Payer Number
    • Credit Score
    • Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Mexico
    • Personal Information
      • Full Name
      • Tax Payer ID (RFC)
      • Unique population Registry Code (Clave Única de Registro de Población, CURP)
      • Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
      • Age
      • Credit Score
      • Paternal Surname
      • Maternal Surname
      • Gender
    • Lender Queries
      • Query Folio
      • Lender Query Folio
      • Credity Type
      • Currency
      • Credit Amount
    • Credit Information
      • Date of Last Query
      • Contested Record
      • Lender Name
      • Liability Type
      • Account Type
      • Credit Type
      • Currency
      • Number of Payments
      • Payment Frequency (ex. weekly, monthly, yearly)
      • Credit Balance
      • Date of Account Openining
      • Date of Last Payment
      • Date of Last Comparison
      • Date of Account Closure
      • Date of Report
      • Credit Limit
      • Number of Late Payments
      • Current Payment
      • Payment History
      • Total Number of Reported Payments
      • Highest Balance Overdue
      • Date of Highest Balance Overdue
    • Address
      • Street Number, Apartment Number
      • Neighborhood
      • Municipality
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
      • Registration Date
    • Scores
      • Score Name
      • Score Value
    • Registered Jobs

Key Metrics

CountryTime to Complete Check
Argentina95% of checks completed in <3minutes
Brazil95% of checks completed in <3minutes
Mexico95% of checks completed in <3minutes
Colombia95% of checks completed in <3minutes


There are 3 main steps to set up the Credit Check merit:

  1. Setup your metamap on the dashboard
  2. Use our quick start integration steps
  3. Process verification results

Step 1: Setup a Metamap

The first step to setting up an Credit Check merit is to create a new metamap in the Dashboard. Once you've created a new metamap, add the Credit Check product to the user flow.

Step 2: Integrate

There are 2 ways you can use MetaMap's Credit Check :

  1. Direct Link — Send your users a link to enter their information on MetaMap's prebuilt UX
  2. MetaMap Button — Integrate our MetaMap Button SDK into your application to use our prebuilt UX

Integrate via Direct Link

If you are not a developer, or you don't have the resources to integrate at this time, you can start using the product in minutes without any code with our Direct Link.

To implement this:
  1. Set up the metamap for Bank Account Data in the dashboard
  2. Get the Direct Link
  3. Send the Direct Link to your users

Integrate our MetaMap Button via SDK

Use our SDK integration if you want to use Metamap's verification tools but design your own experience for your users.

To implement this:
  1. Setup the metamap for Credit Check Data in the dashboard
  2. Install and implement an SDK framework

Step 3: Process Verification Results

Webhook verification results

You will need to configure your webhooks, then handle the webhook responses that will be sent to your webhook URL.

Dashboard Verification Results

View the full results in the verification dashboard

Example verification results: credit score of 497

Example verification results for a Mexican credit check


Supported credit bureaus

The available data per institution is indicated with green dots ():

CountryCredit BureausData
MexicoCirculo de Credito
Credit Score
Downloadable Full Credit Report
Demographic Details
Credit Score
Downloadable Full Credit Report
Demographic Details
Credit Score
Downloadable Full Credit Report
Demographic Details
Credit Score
Downloadable Full Credit Report
Demographic Details