Document Verification FAQ

How does MetaMap detect duplicates using document details?

Duplicate detection is a toggle inside the Document Verification merit. We use the full name and date of birth (DOB) to compare with existing records within experiences. This means that if individuals verify themselves using the same workflow, and this setting is enabled, they will be flagged as a duplicate. Biometric data is not analyzed at this point.

Can MetaMap detect the same person using different documents?

Yes, as long as the name and DOB matches our records.

What is the scope of duplicate detection?

We detect duplicates at the workflow level.

How does MetaMap process Proof of Residence?

We extract owner's Full Name, Address and Emission Date.
We check that the document is no older than 3 months

What kind of documents do we ask for as Proof of Residence?

Bank statement and utility bills.

Can we correlate the names extracted from IDs with the names in Proof of Residence (PoR)?

Yes. Using the extracted data delivered through the Document Reading webhooks, you can compare National ID/Passport/Driver Licence with the data extracted from the PoR. All Document Reading results contain full names.

Does MetaMap accept citizenship documents?

Yes. Formas Migratorias (Mexico) and Permiso Especial de Permanencia (Venezuela) are examples of special IDs that can be processed.