Quick Start

MetaMap capacitor plugin Usage Guide

This is a guide to implement Metamap in the Capacitor framework


Capacitor support version is 5


Add minimum iOS version in capacitor.config.json\

"ios": {
  "minVersion": "13.0"


if your flow has a step that uses some native iOS computers, you need to go iOS folder in the project and add permissions in the info.plist iOS permissions


For Android, check that the minSdkVersion in <YOUR_APP>/build.gradle is ≥21


LTS version (Recommended for most users):Current Version(Latest features)

Use the following CLI to install a plugin for your project. Replace <version_number> with either the LTS or current version number your application uses:

npm i metamap-capacitor-plugin@<version_number>

Build your application.

ionic build

Update the Capacitor files.

npx cap sync

The plugin is stored in MetaMap npm account, it downloaded and installed into your project.