Location Intelligence

Check a user's location and VPN usage to restrict services


Use the Location Intelligence merit to accurately locate your users around the world. Location Intelligence can return information about a user's location based on IP address or GPS coordinates, whether they are using VPN or proxy, or are in a geo-restricted region.


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  • High-Accuracy Check

    Enable this check tracks a user's location through GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks.
    If this check is not enabled, location is tracked by default via IP address of the device used.
    We can return the geographical address — country, state, city, and zip code — associated with the GPS settings on the user's device.



To enable high-accuracy checks, contact your account manager via email
[email protected]

  • IP Check

    Default check. We return the geographic address (country, state, city, and zip code) that matches the user's IP address.

  • VPN/Proxy Check

    We check whether a user is using a VPN or proxy to access your application and restrict those users from being verified.

  • Geo-restriction Check

    You can "geo-restrict" your users, meaning you can specify which countries or cities users are allowed to use your application from. Based on what countries or cities you restrict, we will check that a user's IP address is within those geographical boundaries.

Key Metrics

User can be verified in <1sec as long as they have allowed location access.

User Flow

Here's what your users will see if you use Metamap's prebuilt UX:


Animated GIF of Location Intelligence user flow: start screen with "Start" button, wait screen, success screen.


There are 3 main steps to set up the Location Intelligence merit:

  1. Setup your metamap on the dashboard
  2. Integrate or use MetaMap's Direct Link
  3. Process verification results

Step 1: Set Up a Metamap

The first step to setting up a Location Intelligence merit is to create a new metamap in the Dashboard.
Once you've created a new metamap, add the Location Intelligence product to the user flow, then use the switches to enable or disable the following options:


Location Intelligence setup in the MetaMap dashboard.

Step 2: Integrate

Use the MetaMap Button SDK integration if you want to use MetaMap's verification tools but design your own experience for your users.

To implement this:

  1. Setup the metamap for Location Intelligence in the dashboard
  2. Install and implement an SDK framework

Step 3: Process Verification Results

In the dashboard, visit the Verifications tab, and click on a Verification to review the results.


Location intelligence results with latitude and longitude based on browser's IP address. User is in a geo-restricted region.