In order to use the SDK cooldown feature you need to:

  1. Activate the feature in metamap(flow) settings on dashboard

  2. Pass one of the following keys or your custom key(if such was set in the dashboard) to the Metadata like in the example below:
  • phoneNumber
  • email
  • documentNumber
val metadata = Metadata.Builder()
                .additionalData("phoneNumber" "user_phone_number")
val button = findViewById<MetamapButton>(
button.setParams(this, "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_FLOW_ID", metadata)
Metadata metadata = new Metadata.Builder()
                .additionalData("phoneNumber" "user_phone_number")

MetamapButton button = findViewById(;
button.setParams(this, "CLIENT_ID", "YFLOW_ID", metadata);

What’s Next

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