Quick Start

MetaMap Cordova plugin Usage Guide

This is a guide to implement Metamap in the [Cordova framework]



Check that your project's Gradle file (<YourProject>/platforms/android/mati-global-id-sdk-cordova-plugin/<demoCordovaMati-build>.gradle) uses the latest version of Mati for Cordova:

    dependencies {
      implementation 'com.getmati:mati-sdk:<LATEST_VERSION>'

Enable AndroidX support in config.xml.

   <platform name="android">
   <preference name="AndroidXEnabled" value="true" />


Target minimum version on the config.xml file

<preference name="deployment-target" value="12.0" />


if your flow has a step that uses some native iOS computers, you need to go iOS folder in the project and add permissions in the info.plist iOS permissions


LTS version (Recommended for most users):Current Version(Latest features)

Use the following CLI to install a plugin for your project. Replace <version_number> with either the LTS or current version number your application uses:

npm i metamap-cordova-plugin@<version_number>

The plugin is stored in MetaMap npm account, it downloaded and installed into your project.