On Demand Configuration (ODC)

In order to use ODC you need to set configurationId

Using MetamapButton

If you use MetamapButton then you need to add configurationId to setParams(...) method

val button = findViewById<MetamapButton>(R.id.metamapButton)
button.setParams(this, "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_FLOW_ID", null, configurationId);
MetamapButton button = findViewById(R.id.metamapButton);
button.setParams(this, "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_FLOW_ID", null, configurationId, null);

Using method call

If you use Method call then you need to setconfigurationId to the MetamapSdk.startFlow(...) method

MetamapSdk.startFlow(this, "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_FLOW_ID", null, configurationId)
MetamapSdk.INSTANCE.createFlowIntent(this,"YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_FLOW_ID", null, configurationId,  null);

Learn more about ODC feature here.

What’s Next

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