Video Agreement


Use the Video Agreement merit to collect verbal consent from your users with a selfie video. When paired with Biometric Verification, you can also use the video to validate user identities.


  • Web SDK (Mobile)
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK



  • Text Matching

    You can choose the level of verbal accuracy from your users; from accepting any audible verbalization (Fuzzy Match, 100) to accepting only the exact wording of your script (Strict Match, 0).
  • Language

    Select the language your script is written in.
  • ID Facematch

    We check whether the face in this video matches any of the other compatible sources, such as liveness, selfie, or ID document.
  • Government Database Facematch

    We check whether the user's selfie photo or video matches the government database specified as part of the Government Check block.

Key Metrics

  • Make sure that your users said what was expected in less than 1 minute

User Flow

How it Works


There are 3 main steps to set up the Video Consent Check merit:

  1. Setup your metamap on the dashboard
  2. Integrate or use MetaMap's Direct Link
  3. Process verification results

Step 1: Set Up a Metamap

The first step to setting up a Video Consent Check merit is to create a new metamap in the Dashboard. Once you've created a new metamap, add the Video Consent Check product to the user flow.

  • Add a script for your users to read.
  • Select the language that the users must read.
  • Select whether you want to add Facematch to verify your user’s identity
  • Select your text matching level (0 being a strict match between the user’s speech and the script, 100 being accept anything the user says)
    💡 The script must have a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 280 characters.

Step 2: Integrate

Integrate our MetaMap Button via SDK

Use our SDK integration if you want to use MetaMap's verification tools but design your own experience for your users.

To implement this:

  1. Setup the metamap for Video Consent Check in the dashboard
  2. Install and implement an SDK framework
  3. Process Verification Results

Dashboard Verification Results

In the dashboard, visit the Verifications tab, and click on Verification to review the results.