Custom Watchlist

Check individuals against your custom watchlists


Custom Watchlist is a tool that lets you create a list of individuals based on your own set of criteria. You can use these watchlists to filter individuals who you may have had previous dealings with but otherwise wouldn't appear on MetaMap's Basic or Premium Anti-Money Laundering watchlists.


🌎 Available globally


You can upload a list with up to 100,000 entries for your watchlist; and you can specify that when a match occurs, one of the following will occur:

  • Reject automatically
  • Mark for manual review
  • Notify by webhook notification only

You can validate individuals on 10 watchlists at the same time.


Step 1: Set up a workflow

The first step to setting up a Custom Watchlist is to create a new workflow in the Dashboard.


This merit requires either Document Verification or Custom Input

You can choose whether your customers upload a scanned document or manually enter data for this merit.

Once you've created a new workflow, add the Custom Watchlist tool to the workflow. There, you can upload a *.csv file with up to 100,000 individual entries with the following fields:

  • fullName: Individual's full name.
  • dateOfBirth: Date of birth (in yyyy-mm-dd format)
  • documentNumber: Document number
  • documentType: Document type, which can include:
    • Driver License
    • National ID
    • Passport
  • country : Document country of issue (ISO-2 format)
  • emailAddress: Email address
  • Email domain: Email domain (without the @)
  • Phone number


Uploaded lists requirements

  • The list must include either fullName or documentNumber
  • If you need to modify your watchlist, you will need to upload a new or modified *.csv file.
  • Files must be less than 10MB.

Step 2: Integrate

There are 2 ways you can use MetaMap's Custom Watchlist:

  1. Direct Link — Send your customers a link to enter their information on MetaMap's prebuilt UX
  2. MetaMap Button — Integrate our MetaMap Button SDK into your application to use our prebuilt UX

Direct Link

If you are not a developer, or you don't have the resources to integrate at this time, you can start using MetaMap's Custom Document tool in minutes without any code using our Direct Link.

To implement this:

  1. Set up the workflow for Custom Watchlists in the dashboard
  2. Get the Direct Link
  3. Send the Direct Link to your customers

Integrate our MetaMap Button via SDK

Use our SDK integration if you want to use MetaMap's verification tools but design your own Custom Watchlist experience for your customers.

To implement this:

  1. Set up the workflow for Custom Watchlists in the dashboard
  2. Install and implement an SDK framework

Step 3: Process verification results

Custom Watchlists will produce one of three results:

  • Rejected
  • Marked for manual review
  • Sent to you by webhook notification

There are two ways you can process verification results for Custom Watchlists:

  1. In the Dashboard
  2. Using Webhooks

Dashboard Verification Results

In the Dashboard, visit the Verifications tab, and click on a Verification to review the results. These are the checks that indicate whether or not an individual has passed a Custom Watchlist verification: Rejected/Review needed.

Webhook Verification Results

The following webhook corresponds to the Custom Watchlist merit: