Tax Check

Verify an individual's tax compliance using tax agency records


This tool verifies that the data your customers submit match official government tax records. If there is a match, you can be sure that your customers are valid and compliant tax payers in their country.


MetaMap has connections with a variety of official tax agencies. Tax Check is available:

  • Throughout the major countries in Latin America including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru.
  • This can be integrated through our (1) mobile & web SDKs and through (2) API.

Tax Database Check

We verify that your customers are existing tax payers by verifying that they exist within tax agency databases.

Customer Flow

Your customers will need to upload a government-issued identity document as part of our Document Verification product so we can extract the document number and full name.

The inputs are required to complete a tax check will vary by country and institution. Refer to the list of compatible documents for each country and database when designing your document verification customer inputs.

Currently Document Verification is a required step that must be added before this block.

Document Verification


Flowchart of Metamap government check screens: start, select country, enter ID, upload ID front and back, and done.

How it Works


Detailed diagram of government check for a customer's name and document number to compare against databases.

Tax Agency Sources by Country


CountrySourcesAvailable to SDKsAvailable as API endpoint
BrazilCPF Receita Federal