Bank Statement - Alteration Detection

MetaMap's real-time alteration detection for bank statements

MetaMap's alteration detection for bank statements relies on reading each file's metadata and does not allow individuals to upload following types of files:

  • If pages have been removed

  • If the statement has been scanned and is not the original copy

  • If the PDF generator is not the same as the original bank statement

  • If the difference between the Created Date and Modified Date of the file exceeds the acceptable range

    NOTE: For most banks, the acceptable range of difference is 0, implying that the Created Date & Modified Date should be exactly same to be considered original file

Example: Individual uploads an altered bank statement

The following example shows a valid bank statement file's metadata that shows when the file was created (15/04/22) and the application that generated the file (GMC Software AG):

Bank statement file with file properties open.

The following image shows the same file, but instead of a "Created" data there is a "Modified" date (22/08/22), and the PDF file had been produced by a different tool (iLovePDF):

Bank statement with unacceptable metadata

If the individual uploads the altered bank statement, they will see the following error: