Bank Statement Analyzer


Use the Bank Statement Analyzer to automate bank statement analysis of your customers. This merit extracts the list of bank transactions and customer’s accounts and identity information in real-time, and generates an exhaustive list of predictors to automate your underwriting process.

User's bank statement data returned in the Dashboard

User's bank statement data returned in the Dashboard


We currently support the most popular and top banks and financial institutions across Latin America in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia & Peru.


  • Fraud Detection

    Prevent fraudulent documents from being submitted through multiple checks including: document alterations, file type, and file size
  • Real-Time Response

    With our state of the art technology, the time to extract information from multiple bank statement is less than a minute.
  • Financial Profiling

    Our advanced categorization and insights service allows lenders to verify income and derive key attributes such as average balance, previous loans for underwriting and spending habits
  • Accept Latest Data

    The settings allows merchant to set the minimum required number of bank transactions from end-users, to always receiving latest required transactions

User Flow

User have two ways to submit bank account statements:

  • Provide their bank login credentials
  • Upload bank statements

The following GIF shows a user flow using bank statement uploads using Metamap's prebuilt UX:

Example user flows on a mobile platform, showing access via user bank statement uploads.

Key metrics

  • Response in <10s
  • Opt-in rate >95%
  • Largest financial institution coverage in LATAM

How it works

As a first step, users are provided with a variety of methods where they can share access to their financial data. They are provided with explanations relating to how their data will be accessed and used. With their consent, this data is then parsed, extracted and enriched and returned in a variety of formats.


There are 3 main steps to set up the Bank Statement merit:

  1. Setup your metamap on the dashboard
  2. Use our quick start integration steps
  3. Review the verification results

Step 1: Setup a Metamap

The first step to setting up a Bank Statement merit is to create a new metamap in the Dashboard. Once you've created a new metamap, add the Bank Account product to the user flow, and enable the countries that you want to support.

Dashboard: Add the Bank Account merit to your metamap.

Dashboard: Add the Bank Account merit to your metamap.

Step 2: Integrate

Currently you can use Metamap's Bank Statement in two ways:

  1. Metamap Button — Integrate our MetaMap Button SDK into your application to use our prebuilt UX
  2. Direct Link — Receive a URL link that you can send to your users

Integrate our MetaMap Button via SDK

Use our SDK integration if you want to use Metamap's verification tools but design your own experience for your users.

To implement this:

  1. Setup the metamap for Bank Statement in the dashboard
  2. Install and implement an SDK framework

Integrate via Direct Link

If you are not a developer, or you don't have the resources to integrate at this time, you can start using the product in minutes without any code with our Direct Link.

To implement this:

  1. Set up the metamap for Bank Account Data in the dashboard
  2. Get the Direct Link
  3. Send the Direct Link to your users

Step 3: Process verification results

There are two main ways to visualize and use the data

  • Dashboard Verification Results
    In the dashboard, visit the Verifications tab, and click on a Verification to review the results.

  • Webhook Verification Results
    You will need to configure your webhooks, then handle the webhook responses that will be sent to your webhook URL.
    The following webhook ID corresponds to the Bank Statement Analyzer merit:

Available Data Types

Available DataDescriptionExample
TransactionsIndividual debit and credit items$2307.21 spent at the Apple Store in San Francisco California
BalanceCurrent amount within an account$10030.02 is in Salma's checking account
AccountIndividual account information within a financial institutionSalma's checking account at Bank of America with IBAN of X and Swift Code of Y
IdentityPersonal informationSalma Hayek has an email of [email protected] and is located in Mexico

Supported Institutions

Data input availability is indicated with a green dot().

The yellow dot () indicates availability in Q4'2022

Institution NameCountryAccount Type
AfirmeMexico Personal
BanBajioMexico Personal
Banco AztecaMexico Personal
BanCoppelMexico Personal
BanregioMexico Personal
BanorteMexico Personal
BBVA BancomerMexico Personal
CtitbanamexMexico Personal
HSBCMexico Personal
Hey BancoMexico Personal
InbursaMexico Personal
SantanderMexico Personal
ScotiabankMexico Personal
Spin by OxxoMexico Personal
Av VillasColombia Personal
Banco Caja SocialColombia Personal
BancolombiaColombia Personal
DaviplataColombia Personal
DaviviendaColombia Personal
NequiColombia Personal
Scotiabank ColpatriaColombia Personal
Banco BradescoBrazil Personal
Banco InterBrazil Personal
Caixa Economica FederalBrazil Personal
C6 BankBrazil Personal
Itaú UnibancoBrazil Personal
NubankBrazil Personal